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Duffie Enterprises realizes that time is valuable and of the essence in your world.  We are fixers.  We are handlers.  We are problem solvers.  We are connectors.  We make it happen.  Duffie Enterprises is an exclusive concierge service located in the heart of downtown Austin, TX, dedicated to providing our clients with the highest level of service.   From entertainment, leisure and travel to, VIP, bespoke and lifestyle services, Duffie Enterprises invites you to be part of an exclusive world of luxury, convenience and accessibility.  At Duffie Enterprises, we are dedicated to providing our clients with superior service for individuals, couples, families, executives or corporations.  

Whether you are an exclusive private member of Duffie Enterprises arranging your Austin visit, or a first time visitor looking for a unique Austin experience, you have come to the right place.  Our multilingual staff is available to do everything from chartering your jet into town, arranging your car to one of our exclusive hotels, to arranging a day of golf for your party at one of Texas' premier golf clubs.  Our friendly, no-nonsense and pro-active team are hand-picked from various service industry areas and are available 24/7 for all your requests.

Duffie Enterprises' client list is confidential and we do not disclose information about past or current clients.  We will, however, be pleased to provide you with references upon request.

We believe in quality first and foremost.  Our consistency keeps our clients loyal.



All membership options are fully customized for each client and provide unique amenities and services for clients who value unsurpassed convenience, the highest degree of luxury, exclusivity and impeccable service.



The Essential package suits you when you use our service during a last minute trip, or for anyone wanting to explore their home city better. You will be able to customize your experience by selecting 3 options from our Concierge Services page.   (Membership not required.)

*Fees may vary if the choice is made to exceed the 3 inclusive options.


Dedicated Package.png

dedicated*-$1500/year  usd

The Dedicated package covers all the essential needs of travelers, along with many extras. Duffie Enterprises allows 1 additional authorized user at no additional cost to members. All requests are answered between business hours and there is a surcharge during after hours and weekends.

Our goal is to streamline and simplify your luxury travel experience as we ensure that our services thoughtfully enhance your business and personal objectives.

*the Dedicated package includes your chosen method of travel via air and vehicle transportation plus 4 additional options listed on our concierge services page.


Elite Package.png

ELITE*-$3000/Year usd

The Elite package is useful for people who want to fully manage their level of luxury and have access to exclusive benefits that suit their individual needs and requirements. The Elite membership is for the very few people who value the experience, not the price. Duffie Enterprises allows up to 4 additional authorized users at no additional cost to members.

The Elite members have a dedicated concierge who handles all their inquiries and customizes them to meet their special needs 24/7.

*the elite package includes any and all options listed on our concierge services page in addition to any bespoke requests that we may be of assistance with.

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